Hey lovelies,I’ve been off for sometime but I’m back and I’m so not leaving to wherever anymore.

So I’ll be talking about someone I admire alot and really really wish to meet someday.She’s a plus size yoga instructor and a beauty.And of course she has a very contagious smile.She is JESSAMYN STANLEY,an internationally recognized yoga instructor based in Durham, North Carolina.

To be sincere,I have never heard of or seen a plus size yoga instructor.She has so much courage and power,I mean I’m plus size and I know how people see or talk about plus size ladies in my country,Nigeria.I can only imagine the amount of courage she had to get to where she is today,leaving behind all down talks and negative energies from people. 

Moral of the story

Never look down on yourself.If you say you can,then you can.It doesn’t matter how many”you can”you get from people,if you don’t believe,you will never achieve.

Her Instagram handle is @mynameisjessamyn by the way.Ok guys, remember to share to friends and loved ones.

    Love you sweeties 💖😘




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  1. Isn’t she awesome? I really would love to find a plus-sized woc yoga instructor in my city. Haven’t yet 😦

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