INSECURITIES:Overcoming Them.

Lots of people have got their share of mockery and ‘yabbingbecause of one thing or the other,and I’ve got mine.

Growing up was a bit tough for me because I felt I didn’t fit into the society. I had lots of difficulty accepting my size and the society didn’t help either.

I had insecurities about my size,the stretch marks, my tummy not being flat, the cellulites. I mean everything about me got me angry. I hated myself for being FAT.

But as i grew older in age and wisdom, I learnt to accept and love me for me, not minding what people said or did. I didn’t just outgrow my insecurities, i worked towards being better for me.

I spent more time loving and appreciating myself instead of listening to what the society wants me to. I associated more with people who appreciated me not those who would constantly call me fat at the slightest chance.

But hey, I’m over that now. Calling me names won’t change me from the person I am.

Everybody’s got a thing or two they wish to change about themselves. Learning to love you and not comparing yourself to others is a good way to start embracing you.

You can comment below some insecurities you had growing up. And sharing is caring, so please share to friends and don’t forget to hit the follow button if you are not following my blog yet.

Love you all.




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  1. What is most important is how we see ourselves. Overcoming insecurities lies within us. Great post dearie πŸ’ͺ

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  2. My acne, unpierced ears…my physical features in general. Took a while to develop my self esteem and love the whole me.

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  3. Beauty comes in different forms, shapes and sizes and that’s what makes us unique. Some of us like it big while others not so big.

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